Gym Toddler

In an open exploration environment, your toddler will explore the endless adventure of physical activity through movement songs and physical play while being assisted by a parent. This 30 minute class is for children under 2 1/2 that are walking on their own.

Mom and Me

In a structured environment, this class will enhance your 2 to 3 1/2 year old’s developing motor skills and other skills such as following directions. This 45 minute class in which a parent assists their child. (Dads welcome too!)

Kinder Gymnastics

Fast paced, challenging activities allow your child to have fun while mastering a number of basic gymnastic skills in a structured environment. This is a 45 minute class designed to develop coordination and fitness levels in your 3 1/2 – 5 year old.

Recreational Classes

The recreational class is a one hour class where the gymnast will be challenged on all Olympic Events. Students progress through a series of skill levels in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. This class is for ages 5 and up.

Advanced Rec

This is a two hour class for the gymnast who has at least one year’s experience. Gymnasts interested in progressing faster are encouraged to take this class or to attend more than one class per week. Ask your instructor if your child is ready for this class.


This class is by invitation only.  Gymnasts interested in competing will attend this class to brush up their skills before joining our competitive team.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for students currently enrolled in a class who wish to further develop their skills. We also offer private lessons for anyone not currently enrolled in a class. A $30.00 annual insurance fee must be charged in addition to the private lesson fees.