This is a class geared for the beginner tumblers ages 10 & under. The focus is on cartwheels, round offs, forward rolls and the introduction of back handsprings.


This level focuses on getting the back handspring from a stand and from a running round off. This is also a class to clean up new back handsprings and the introduction to multiple back handsprings and tuck somersaults.


Tumblers in this level must have a strong back handspring and multiple back handsprings. The focus is on perfecting the tuck somersault and the introduction to layout somersaults.


Tumblers in this level must be able to do a tuck somersault to take this class. The focus of this class is on perfecting the layout, twisting somersaults and combination passes.


Tumblers must be able to do a standing back handspring to participate in this class. The focus of this class in on standing tuck somersaults, standing handspring tucks and standing full twists.


Group rates are available for teams or large groups upon request. We can even set up a class in which our instructors work with your team at your location.

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons for students currently enrolled in a class who wish to further develop their skills. We also offer private lessons for anyone not currently enrolled in a class. A $30.00 annual insurance fee must be charged in addition to the private lesson fees.